Cooking From Books

I just recently started a little challenge with my bookstagram friends called Bookish Cooks. I started it as a way to challenge us to use the cookbooks collecting dust on our shelves. There are no official rules and all you pretty much have to do is share what your're cooking and use the hashtag #bookishcooks. [...]

Polenta Kale and White Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato 

By Luna Peace Prep Time: 30 Minutes Cook Time: 45 Minutes Disclaimer: I don’t measure ingredients and I always tend to eyeball everything. Video here  Ingredients 1 pound of dried cannellini beans (you can use canned as well) 3 sweet potatoes (I use garnet) 1 bag of frozen kale 1 red or white onion 2 cloves [...]

Reblog* Traditional Corn Pudding- The Southern Vegan

Corn Pudding is a traditional, Southern side dish that is often eaten on holidays and family get-togethers. Everyone has their favorite way of making and eating Corn Pudding! This recipe is a sweet version, my personal favorite! Enjoy! Click Here for Recipe! via Traditional Corn Pudding — The Southern Vegan