SP* Women’s March on Washington

And worldwide.... This is absolutely amazing! What was expected to be about 200,000 people turned out to be about 500,000 and that is just in Washington DC. People marched all over the country and the world in solidarity! The resistance has begun and it is necessary! We have work to do and we have got to [...]

Does this even work?

I have signed so many petitions over the last year that I have lost track of what I have and haven't signed. I just want to know if they really work. These nasty, greedy politicians seems to still continue to do what they want and it's only getting worse. I mean Paul Ryan actually refused [...]

Strange Fruit

This song has struck a chord with me. And it should! Rebecca Ferguson agrees to sing at the inauguration if she can sing this particular song. I admire her courage and I am there for it and only for it. I doubt she will be allowed to sing this song however. Not because Donald J [...]