Have you been to Wakanda?

Like have you seen this movie? OMG!  Can we discuss the movie Black Panther?  I am not a Marvel or sci-fi fan, but I am totally here for this. I don’t know the back story or anything and I don’t need to. I took total bliss in seeing all the black excellence in this movie. I [...]

31 Days of Tarot

I have decided to introduce myself to Tarot cards and boy has it been interesting. For the month of January, I started 31 Days of Tarot with the goal of learning the cards. Initially I did not plan to do actual readings until I had a grasp of what they mean and how they can [...]

Setting Intentions

Another year is right around the corner and I have started to set intentions and goals for the things I want in the coming year (s). These are not resolutions and there will always be a list of things I want to achieve. My list of intentions and goals are basically attainable steps I want [...]