Have you been to Wakanda?

Like have you seen this movie? OMG!  Can we discuss the movie Black Panther?  I am not a Marvel or sci-fi fan, but I am totally here for this. I don’t know the back story or anything and I don’t need to. I took total bliss in seeing all the black excellence in this movie. I [...]

It’s My Bornday!

It's February 13th and it's my 39th bornday. It feels like any other day and it's been like this for the last few years. I am truly blessed to be entering another year and I can't believe I'm this 👌🏾close to the big 4 0! I know that age is relative and it's all in [...]

31 Days of Tarot

I have decided to introduce myself to Tarot cards and boy has it been interesting. For the month of January, I started 31 Days of Tarot with the goal of learning the cards. Initially I did not plan to do actual readings until I had a grasp of what they mean and how they can [...]

Always our babies…

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have 3 beautiful intelligent children and I don't know what my life would be like without them. I remember saying "I can't wait til they're grown", but I never thought about how much worse that can be. I can't claim to be a perfect mother but I am proud of the [...]

Black Oppression: In Living Color

What do you think?

Personally I feel that is sad that we have to analyze everything this way but it is necessary. They want the hip hop sound and all the good things we create but they don’t want it from us. They want it from a lighter shade.

But what I will say is that I don’t necessarily blame the artist as much as I blame the media. We’re all out her trying to make it.

Whispers of a Womanist

A college friend reached out to me over the recent New York City snowstorm to vent about the new Bruno Mars and Cardi B video. His concern was that the video, starring two racially ambiguous stars, sullied a prevalent portion of black culture–gateway sitcom In Living Color. His assertions are definitively astute– marking a troubling pattern seen in white and racially ambiguous entertainers who appropriate what blacks made great, to further their brand and fester the wound of white supremacy. in-living-color

I’ll be honest with you, In Living Color was not good for the black collective. The show, like most media platforms, proved a means for blacks to become spectators and gawk at their own disenfranchisement. It also birthed The Wayans, a family that would resurrect caricatures of blackness that function to beat the black mind into mental subjugation years after the physical chains had been cut. Television, like music…

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