10 Book 2 Film Challenge

If you follow me on Bookstagram you may know that I did a poll about a challenge I’ve been doing and would like to continue. A few of you showed some interest, so here are the details. This year I started a challenge to read 5 books that are movies/TV show or going to be adapted to film. For 2019 I want to up the ante and make it 10.
If you’re up for it, join me in reading 10 books throughout the year that are or will be movies or TV shows. There isn’t really any rules, just use hashtag #10book2filmchallenge. I would also like to rate the book vs the film, as well as reviewing them both. I think that would be a great added touch if you have the opportunity to read the book and see the movie/TV show.

This year I chose 5 books, but only ended up reading a few of them. For this challenge I plan to go with the flow.

This time I’ll do a giveaway for those who participate and it will be possibly at the halfway mark. So if you join look out for those details!
Starting 1/1/2019 we can start and please don’t forget to use and follow the hashtag!
I’ll be kicking off the challenge with The Color Purple in February with @spinesvines and @diverseclassics. Feel free to read with us and add this book to your 10!

Meet me over on Instagram/Bookstagram and share!

What will you be starting the #10book2filmchallenge with?

Happy Reading

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