Always our babies…

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I have 3 beautiful intelligent children and I don’t know what my life would be like without them. I remember saying “I can’t wait til they’re grown”, but I never thought about how much worse that can be. I can’t claim to be a perfect mother but I am proud of the adults they are growing into.

Now when I say worse, I don’t necessarily mean it in a negative way. What I mean by that is that when they are adults, there is another set of worries to consider. When our children are no longer our “babies”, they are free to do as they please without our permission. Hence bringing on this other set of worries. My youngest daughter just turned 18 and she is driving now😳. And although I try to think in a positive way, I still worry about her like crazy.

My oldest is 20 and living out of the house with her boyfriend who is a wonderful guy. I feel blessed that she found such a good guy and this has slightly eleviated my worry. Plus I know that she has a good head on her shoulders and is very strong willed!

My son, who is the youngest just turned 17. He doesn’t live with us, but he’s a big part of our life of course. I will likely worry about him the most because he is a black male. He also has some cognitive limitations. Although he has had issues with his behavior when he was younger; he has always been respectful and kind. Right before my eyes, I am seeing him blossom into an intelligent and strong young man. I look forward to what is to come for him and the gift that he will continue to be to everyone around him.

So as I sit here in the ER with my youngest daughter (sore throat, fever), I realize that my job is not done. It will never be done. They will always be my babies! And as I prepare for her graduating this year and my son entering into his senior year I can’t help but be proud. Proud that although I’m not perfect, I raised some pretty bad ass perfect young adults. For that I am proud and grateful!

Do you have older children or children in general? Can you relate to some of what I’m saying? Let’s discuss!


2 thoughts on “Always our babies…

  1. Great post! I had no idea you had kiddos and older ones at that. Although my kids are young I can totally relate. I already have anxiety over their little lives. I just want to wrap them in a bubble and keep them out of harms way and the evilness of others.

    1. Many people don’t realize I have older kids. Lol. I plan to start sharing a little more of my personal life on my blog.

      Don’t you wish we could do that? When they’re small you think they’re never gonna grow up.

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