Veganism and Racism

I hate that I have to make thing so black and white lately, but let’s be real; things are black and white. For example, how the vegan community fails to address racism. It makes me sick! I have always been under the impression that vegans are supposed to be compassionate for ALL living things. To me this is bullshit; especially when there is a group on Facebook called Vegans for Trump. How is that possible? How?


How can one be so concerned about animals and our environment but support the very same person who eats and makes steaks and denies climate change? I will NEVER understand this and I feel that those people are total and complete hypocrites. Then we get the ones who don’t want to talk politics. WHAT THE FUCK! This IS politics! Don’t you realize that the very things you are fighting for as a vegan are directly resulting from politics. It goes hand in hand!

At this point we all need to stick together. But it’s hard when we have so many people who want to cry foul now that shit is about to hit the fan for all of us. Where they ass was at when a nigga was getting shot up by the police?? Likely justifying it like they usually do or remaining silent which is just as bad.  And I don’t have to try to prove that I am the bigger person. I am done with that. Besides what has that done for us? When we are labeled by the color of our skin; how does this help us? You can’t pick and choose here!

In all actuality many times we are the bigger person, but there is no one to advocate that truth for us. I could go on and on about it in many other aspects, but I am talking about veganism and racism today.

The oppression of animals versus humans is not equal to someone who has never experienced oppression. You can’t relate so you have no right to judge. Oppression is oppression and we are humans just as well as our white counterparts, so we should be treated as such. I don’t think there will be many vegans volunteering to be led to slaughter to take the place of an animal. I’m sure I won’t see any of them signing up to be black for the year either. So why not fight for all? We are all living and breathing and we all have feelings.

Until I see this, I never want a vegan to get in my face and bitch and moan about baby chickens or Cecil the Lion. I do care, but never judge my level of giving any fucks when I have to worry about my son dying because of the melanin in his skin. As the saying goes “we’ve got bigger fish to fry”.  I LOVE SAYING THAT! Vegan or not!

Now I am not painting everyone with a broad brush, but this is an issue and I am simply clearing the air; putting my thoughts out there so to speak. When I first went vegan I joined many groups on Facebook. I soon left them because I didn’t feel that their priorities were aligned with mine. And because this blog is exactly how I feel about all the animal rights stuff , I left to avoid conflict because I’m sure many vegans don’t agree. For me, I am human first and I will always put that fact first. I will never act as if I want to trade the place of an animal or that I understand their plight because I don’t. I sometimes want to ask some vegan; “would you like to be an animal”?

If this is what Veganism is all about I’d prefer to scratch the label and just live a plant based, cruelty free, environmentally friendly lifestyle. Labeling is such a joke!


2 thoughts on “Veganism and Racism

  1. I have noticed this too at times in the vegan community. Don’t let it get you down; instead devote your time and energy associating with vegans who are care about both animals and people 🙂

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