January Challenge

Personally I think that we all could use a detox from social media and I am kicking off this year of 30 day challenges with just that. With so much drama and bad news in the media, I constantly feel the weight of stress daily. NOT GOOD!

For the next 30 days (starting Jan. 1), I will be following the schedule below. There are many examples online and I found this one on Pinterest. I’m looking forward to this break from social media and I will come back with an update once I have completed the challenge.

After completing these challenges you should reward yourself with something. I am not sure what my rewards will be yet. Honestly, knowing that I have actually completed the challenge for the month is reward enough. Whatever I decide, I don’t want the rewards to be material things. I don’t need more stuff. Treating myself to a manicure or massage, etc. would be ideal. 


So, who’s joining me?


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