Why I Went Vegan & Stayed

My path to Veganism started off as a challenge and what I hoped was a way to lose weight. Things have changed over time because I have learned so much about what it means to be vegan. I started off as vegetarian and after about 2 months decided to challenge myself and see what this vegan thing is all about.

These are the 2 reasons why I went vegan.h20-footprint

  1. Health: My plan initially was to lose weight and become more healthy. Eating a plant-based diet has many positive impacts on your health. Many people have had health conditions reversed after adopting a plant based diet. Fortunately, I don’t have any major health issues; making this a great time to break the habit and cycle of eating dead flesh and taking a baby cows milk from its mother.
  2. Weight Loss: I found that people were able to lose weight when eating a plant-based diet. Personally I have not lost or gained any weight, but I fell great after I eat a healthy plant based meal. It has also helped with bloat, heartburn and other digestive issues I have experienced.

Here are 2 reasons why I have decided to stay vegan.

  1. Although I have not lost any weight I like the way I feel since I have been vegan.  I have more mental clarity, I am more compassionate about things I never thought twice about, and I enjoy the food I have learned to cook. I am learning that I can still have pretty much anything and that there is almost a substitute for EVERYTHING.


h20-footprint**The impact that veganism DOESN’T have on our environment is astounding. For example; the amount of resources like water it takes to feed 1 cow is nearly 2 gallons per pound and twice as much for a lactating cow. That is only 1 cow (average weight 1500 lbs) and there are thousands of cows in the farming industry waiting for slaughter. This pictograph shows how much water is needed to provide us with this itty-bitty amount of beef**

2. I am going to keep this one very, very simple! I got on Netflix and watched a couple of documentaries and it was curtains after that. Here are a few I strongly recommend. Most of these are on Netflix and may also be on YouTube.

  • Forks Over Knives- Netflix
  • Vegucated- Netflix
  • Earthlings (This is on YouTube and is a must watch)
  • Cowspiracy- Netflix

I feel that I have made veganism a lifestyle because it is more than just healthy eating and losing weight. If you have any compassion for living things you will think about where the food we take for granted comes from. It will bother you to see how much animal lives are disregarded. If you would hate to see a cat or dog slaughtered you should feel the same about a cow or a pig. They are all living things that have feelings and even though you may not understand or think so; they have emotions. Our disregard for their lives is speciesism and we have enough “isms” to deal with in life.

I will leave this with a request to at least educate yourself. Do yourself a favor! You deserve it, they deserve it and we deserve it!


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