All About BWRB?

Hello, I’m Ebony; founder of BWRB Book Club! Want to know what BWRB is?

Black Women Read Books is a book club for and ran by black women. We read books that are about us; books that represent our history and our stories and this is why we read!

Ironically, this started as just a Facebook group simply designed to bring together women of color locally to read, inspire and educate. Upon starting the group that is what the main scope was. Although this still remains true; I have also decided to get more into reading books of various genres outside of BWRB, doing book reviews and making recommendations, building relationships with other book lovers and whatever else comes along.

Bibliophile is a perfect way to describe me. I love books and I think I love them more than actually reading them.
I feel like blogging about my experience with the books I read; love or hate, is a better way to express myself. I have always enjoyed reading and I want to keep this blog alive with the things I enjoy.


Thank you for joining me and I hope you will stick around.



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